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Connect to Care

When we teach kids empathy and tolerance there is no room for hate.

Classes 4 Classes provides a social network that promotes kindness and social curriculum by connecting teachers and students with other classrooms.

Our pay it 4ward crowdfunding platform keeps the kindess rolling as classes raise money for each other:

  1. Register Your Class and Set up a Profile.
  2. Connect With a Classroom and Meet Other Classes.
  3. Create a Project and Pick a Gift.
  4. Crowdfunders care and the gift is given!

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"I can't think of a more important lesson for children to learn first hand. Even at a young age, children should be aware that we are all connected and that everyone has the power to take action and help others." Robert Kraft, Owner, New England Patriots

"I am thankful for the inspiration that Classes 4 Classes has been to our school. Although I know our job as teachers is to prepare our students academically for what lies ahead- I believe that instilling love and caring for others is an even greater obligation." Principal Stivender

"As a class we learned a lot about reaching out to other students, working together as a community, and coming together to make the world a kinder place. I learned a lot from participating-I learned that my students didn’t need instruction on how to be kind to others; rather, they needed a venue that gave them the opportunity to do so. Participating in C4C has enriched our classroom discussions and was a springboard for discussing how can we be kind to our peers, our families, and to all those we encounter in this world." Mrs. Hodge, 3rd Grade Teacher

"C4C has brought awareness to my class to work on being kind to each other each and every day. I work in an inner city school and daily have to discuss why you must use kind words and actions. These skills, which can be overlooked in a teacher’s curriculum, are so important for our children. The students in my class refer to C4C daily when they notice a classmate having trouble. This program reminds students how important it is to be a kind and caring person. It has made me more aware of applauding positive behavior daily to show the importance of why it's important to live a kind and caring life." Mrs. McCann, 5th Grade Teacher

"My classroom couldn't wait to "pay it forward" after they participated in a whole class discussion on random acts of kindness. Never once did they ask what they would get in return for helping another classroom. Instead, the discourse centered on how we could help our partner class. I can only imagine the impact C4C could have if we continue to pay it forward to others around the world." Mrs. Thavenius, 4th Grade Teacher

"I believe in Classes 4 Classes because Kids who learn to care grow up to be caring adults, and they will shape the world to come." 1st Grade Teacher

"Classes 4 Classes is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and understand first hand how small acts of kindness towards friends and strangers can change the world." 2nd Grade Teacher

"One act of kindness really can show a difference in our world. It has to start with someone. Why not us?" Mary Grace, 4th grade student

"When you help people, you feel happy inside." Luke, 1st grade student

"We want to show that we care." Hayden, 3rd grade student

Any K-8 public school teacher decides how they want to connect by signing up as a giving class or receiving class:

Step 1: The giving class posts a project for the receiving class.
Step 2: Donors visiting the site donate to the project until the goal is reached.
Step 3: The receiving class receives their gift only once they pay it forward by creating a new project for another classroom

We connect donors who want to support the social and emotional development of K-8 students with classrooms who are supporting our mission! Donate to a specific class project, or support them all by contributing to our overall cause at Classes 4 Classes!