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Mrs. Ziegelmeier and Mrs. Kotach's First Grade "Be a Buddy, Not a Bully" Program

Mrs. Ziegelmeier and Mrs. Kotach's First Grade Class is raising money for We are seeking financial sponsorship in helping our first grade students participate in Taekwondo lessons and an anti-bullying campaign for an 8-week period.

We would like to partner with The Master Kris Foundation, a non-profit organization, based out of Brookfield, CT. We have reached out to Master Kris Hyun from The Master Kris Foundation, and he has agreed to provide this education to our first graders, should we acquire the money to fund the program. Master Kris Hyun, from The Master Kris Foundation, strives to develop the full potential in any child that he instructs. He enables them to embrace the challenges of life more successfully. He does this while setting the highest standard of excellence during the program, which was created specifically for elementary age children. Partnering with The Master Kris Foundation will provide our first grade students with the many benefits to Taekwondo: respect, discipline, exercise, focus and breathing techniques to regulate stress and anxiety levels, increased memorization skills, improved self-confidence, self-regulation, self-control practices, and goal-setting strategies. Our students will be taught more than just basic techniques of self-defense and peaceful conflict resolution, They will learn the cornerstones of the Taekwondo philosophy: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and determination. A portion of Master Kris’ Taekwondo program is an academically-based curriculum that teaches children how to “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully”, through bully awareness and prevention, and promotes non-violence and a focus on defense from bullying behaviors. This program fits perfectly into Danbury’s district initiative and strategic plan of restorative practices, where we are providing members of our school community with skills to encourage positive social interactions and relationships that support learning and peaceful conflict resolution.