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mentor texts and headphones

Since Ann is a second year teacher, her library is quite small. We would like to provide her with numerous mentor texts for her students to read and also for her to use in her instruction. We are also hoping to provide her with a set of headphones to share with her students. Each class has been provided with an iPad cart, and about half of the students are able to bring in their own headphones, but there are still quite a few students who are unable to do this.
99,921 Days Left
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Buddy Benches

We want to donate at least one buddy bench, hopefully two, to Broad River Elementary School in South Carolina. After talking with Ms. Ryan, my students decided that this would be a good project to donate. Several of their benches around the school were damaged or lost during the recent hurricane. My class wants to spread KINDNESS everywhere, so the gifting of Buddy Benches seems like a perfect idea. It will benefit Ms. Ryan's students, but also the entire school.
$1,725 RAISED
99,885 Days Left
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We will be giving the gift of tablets to Eileen Angelo's 3rd grade class at Drigg's Elementary. They can uses these tablets for centers, research projects, reading intervention, and indoor recess. We would also like to raise money to provide them with durable cases to protect them for extended life and play!

$1,501 RAISED
99,841 Days Left
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Team Hamilton Buddy Benches!

Our class would like to pay forward the gift of two buddy benches for our school. Our project would also include grounding accessories to ensure our benches are installed safely and plaques to remind us of this wonderful opportunity. Through gifting these benches, we pledge to uphold the truth that kindness counts no matter what!
$1,270 RAISED
99,701 Days Left
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A Set of 20 Samsung Chromebooks and a LocknCharge Cart

Access to technology is essential in acquiring 21st Century skills.

$1,350 RAISED
99,692 Days Left
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iPad Keyboards

30 Belkin Secure Wired Keyboards for iPad, for a 3rd grade class
99,350 Days Left
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Field Trip

Field trip for a first grade class to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT
99,295 Days Left
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Teaching Easel

Teach and Store Chart Stand
99,294 Days Left
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Classroom Rug

Large rug with colored spaces for 30 students

99,279 Days Left
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Leveled Books for Kindergarten Classroom

Leveled book order from Rigby

99,290 Days Left
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