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For Teachers

Our main objective at C4C is to instill the values of compassion, love, kindness, and empathy in K-8 classes nationwide, through our Caring Class Projects. You’ll find insight on ways to do this on our Curriculum Page.

As you are aware, the beauty of C4C is that the teachers and parents of the students involved in a Caring Class Project are not responsible for the financial aspects of giving the gift. However, there are lessons learned from participating in this aspect that students have found extremely rewarding. Teachers who are interested in taking this next step can find ideas below:

Fundraising Ideas:

Each of these fundraisers can be hosted either by a class, grade level or entire school. You can make it whatever works best for your particular school. You can also do any of these activities for your own class’ individual project!

Dress Down Day:

This can be done for students, teachers or both. Pick a day and have everyone dress down insweatpants, athletic gear, even pajamas! Anyone who participates brings a contribution in exchange to go towards C4C. We recommended: $1-$5 per person.

Pizza Day:

Choose a day (or an evening if you have teacher volunteers) for your class to have a pizza party. Send home permission slips asking each parent to contribute $5-$10 dollars to purchase the pizza and drinks. The amount left over, which should be about half, will go towards C4C.

Crazy Hat Day:

Choose a day where students and staff can wear hats to school. They could wear a fun hat, sports team hat, holiday hat, etc. Each student and staff member who participates brings between $1-$5 to go towards C4C.

Hold a Movie Night:

This requires teacher volunteers. On a Friday or Saturda evening, parents can drop their children off for 2-3 hours for a movie, snacks, and drinks. This gives the parents a break at a lesser cost than normal, and allows them to contribute to a good cause at the same time! Choose an amount to charge per child and the proceeds go towards C4C, after the cost of snacks and drinks have been covered. Even better if you can get those items donated!

Have a Bake Sale:

Request that staff, students and parents donate baked goods for a bake sale. Host it during a time where there are a lot of people going in and out of the school, ideally during open house night, parent conferences, book fairs or the end of the year. The proceeds of the bake sale can go towards your Caring Class Project or directly to C4C to support the mission of instilling kindness, caring, and compassion in K-8 classrooms nationwide.

Teacher Downloads:

These are forms we think you might find helpful as a teacher involved in Classes 4 Classes, Inc. If you have an idea or a need that is not met through one of these forms, please contact us and let us know about it!