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For Parents

Ways to Keep the Kindness Going at Home

Teaching children to genuinely care for other children is something that happens 24/7, not just in the classroom. See below to create this awareness everywhere, or check out our Curriculum Ideas page for more!

Discuss with your child ways they were kind or ‘paid it 4ward’: Make time each day to give your child the opportunity to share their acts of kindness with you and hear how this made them feel.

Discuss with your child ways they can/have ‘paid it 4ward’: This could be something they did in school or out of school. This could also be a brainstorming discussion of what they could do in the future. Where they recognize a need OR something that they could do for someone else. This will help your child to understand that they have the ability to make someone else’s’ life better.

Read books with these themes: Choose books at the library that have themes of: kindness, compassion, empathy(the librarian can help select these) and read these with your child before bed. Discuss with your child the characters, the roles they play and what they notice. Talk to your child about how they can be more alike/less alike the character. This will help your child to recognize these qualities and start to see how they can embody these same qualities in their own life.

Keep track of your child’s kindness: Keep a kindness jar in your home. Each time your child does something kind put it in the jar. You can set up your own family tradition of how to share these and when, and also if there is some incentive involved.

Kindness journal: You can also keep track of your child’s kindness by giving them a kindness journal. So that your child is truly invested and engaged, allow them to pick the journal they would like and decorate it as they wish. Encourage your child to write in it daily. It could be a sentence, a picture, however they choose to express a way they were kind, someone was kind to them or a time they saw someone else being kind to someone else.

Make and sign a home ‘kindness pledge’: Work with your child to write a ‘kindness pledge’ make it work for your family! Hang this in a high traffic area: the kitchen, front hallway, family room, and use it as the expectation and to guide your family conversations.

Make a ‘family pledge’: As a family decide a goal you have to help others. This could be volunteering as a family, making crafts for people who are ill, finding a cause to walk or run for, anything that is giving your time to help someone else. This helps to teach your child empathy and that in life, we are all connected. It is our job to help others.

If your child’s class isn’t already involved in Classes 4 Classes, feel free to print out the information sheet and pass it along to your child’s teacher!

<p”>For parents looking to help contribute to their child’s Caring Class Project, we’ve listed some ways you can get involved from a fundraising perspective:


Fundraising Ideas:

Here’s a short list of fundraising ideas that you and your children can do together in support of C4C, to keep the idea of kindness, caring, and compassion in the home as well as in the classroom.

Donate in a Teacher’s Name:

There are so many opportunities, especially during teacher appreciation week, for parents to show their appreciation for the hard work their children’s teachers do day in and day out. The best way to do this is to give to a cause you know they’ll support, and do so in recognition of them. Show how much you support the important life values your kids’ teachers instill in them by donating to C4C in their name!

Host a Birthday Party:

Birthday parties for young children can be chaotic, especially with so many new toys and gifts coming into the house. As an alternative, many parents have started asking for charitable contributions toward a good cause, like C4C, rather than filling up their house with unnecessary items. While hosting an event in honor of a good cause rather than receiving gifts can be tough to explain to your children, it serves as an opportunity for an important life lesson about the benefits of putting others before themselves.

Host an Event:

Whether as a back to school celebration for your children’s class, or a cocktail party you host for your friends, Classes 4 Classes offers a great excuse to get a group of close friends together. Use it as an opportunity to come up with a creative way to exhibit the qualities of caring, compassion, kindness, and love, by honoring good deeds done throughout your community, or hosting a party in honor of someone who has recently paid it 4ward. Whether you collect money to donate toward C4C or not, it’s a great opportunity to keep these messages, and the mission of C4C alive.

Have a Bake Sale:

Get your children or a group of their friends together to host a bake sale in honor of C4C! The proceeds, minus the cost of ingredients, can go toward their Caring Class Project, or directly to C4C to support the mission of instilling kindness, caring, and compassion in K-8 classrooms nationwide.

Have a Garage Sale:

Similar in idea to a bake sale, you can take this opportunity to spend time with your children and get to some much-needed organizing around the house. The proceeds for the sale can go toward their Caring Class Project, or directly to C4C.

Parent Downloads:

These are forms we think you might find helpful whether you are a parent looking to involve your child’s class in Classes 4 Classes or a parent whose child is already involved.